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Turning Point KLASS 2015

KLASS ACT Giveback 2015 - Turning Point

February 20, 2015

Announcement of first KLASS ACT charitable give-back event.                         Feb 20, 2015

KLASS make-up company is proud to announce the initial community donation through our foundation, KLASS ACT! The recipient of their gift is Turning Point, a River Falls organization whose vision is to empower those who have experienced domestic or sexual violence or abuse. Turning Point is funded in part through purchases at 2nd Chances Thrift Shop in River Falls and they are always happy to welcome shoppers and/or accept donations.

KLASS and River Reflections MedSpa and Salon provided soothing lip balm and hair products that total over $1300 in value. They are pleased to support local organizations that help people in need who will appreciate the opportunity to use luxury cosmetic and hair products.

You have the opportunity to help others in your community by purchasing KLASS products which are available at River Reflections MedSpa and Salon at 650 S Main St in River Falls or online at When you purchase a KLASS product, they will donate an item through their KLASS ACT Foundation  to a local charitable organization which helps women in need.

Thank you for your support!


    Nick Raehsler, Dr. Tim Knotek, Crystal Knotek   

    Owners, KLASS Make-Up LLC and KLASS ACT Foundation

Photo Location: 2nd Chances Thrift Store

Pictured (from left): Crystal Knotek, Nick Raehsler, Dr. Tim Knotek, and Kelly Zillmer

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