What It Is

KLASS HD Airbrush is long-wearing and water resistant light-full coverage foundation. Mix shades for a perfect match. Full spectrum shades ranging from 5-80. 

(5) Very Fair Shade with a Pink Cool Undertone

(10) Fair Shade with a Neutral Undertone 

(15) Light Shade with a Neutral Undertone 

(20) Light Shade with a Neutral Undertone 

(25) Light Shade with a Warm Neutral Undertone

(30) Light-Medium with a  Neutral Undertone 

(35) Medium with a Pink/Beige Undertone 

(40) Medium with a Warm Undertone 

(45) Medium-Tan with a Warm Golden Undertone

(50) Medium-Tan with a Olive Neutral Undertone 

(55) Medium-Deep with a Cool Undertone 

(60) Deep Mocha with a Neutral Undertone

(65) Deep Mocha with a Warm Undertone

(70) Light Cocoa  with a Warm Undertone

(75) Medium Cocoa with a Warm Undertone

(80) Deep Chestnut with a Neutral Undertone

Water based, Talc-free, Paraben-free

What's Inside

  • Vitamin A, C & E moisturizes and provides antioxidant protection.
  • Hydrating Organic Aloe Leaf Juice for a semi-matte finish.
  • Rose Flower Water controls access oil and maintains skin's natural PH balance.  

How To Use

Shake well before use. Add a few drops of desired shade to airbrush gun and apply to skin by pulling back lever, holding the gun 6-8 inches from the face, and using circular motions.


For every purchase, the KLASS ACT Foundation will donate an additional item to an organization which sponsors women in need who would appreciate the opportunity to experience a luxury product. We believe, at the heart of our business, that charitable giving extends beyond monetary donations. We have chosen to spread love through KLASS ACT by gifting products to charities that empower women who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse, serious illness, and poverty.


“To share God’s love through KLASS ACT to create joy for those in need and enhance beauty by providing quality, healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetic and skin care products.”​

KLASS Cosmetics Peta Certified

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