ASTI Salon Systems makes the ideal a reality, with a class of essential ingredients in a specific formulation in all ASTI products, that will make the hair perform with optimal results and give the hair unmistakable, healthy shine and volume. All our products are cosmetic weight free, they will not weigh your hair down. They are water soluble, water dispersible, not tested on animals, made in the USA and sold in professional salons only.

ANY PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLIST will say that it's almost impossible to find hair care products that are truly different. The majority of other products are formulated to overcome the damage of common peroxide and other hair abuse with heavy coating, and non-water-soluble ingredients. We disagree and don't recommend common peroxide. We offer professional developer’s, ASTI Alternatives, which utilizes technology that holds damage factors to a minimum and leaves the hair strong, healthy, and shiny. Therefore, all the other products with cosmetic weight are not necessary.

Join the ASTI world, give your hair life, shine and volume!

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