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This kit is designed to help you launch your career in lash extensions. Includes all of the tools needed to start! 

1 Curved Tweezer
1 Straight Tweezer
1 Volume Tweezer
100 Micro-Fiber Brushes
1 Jade Stone
1 Tray .20 B Curl Lashes-Mixed 6mm-13mm
1 Tray .20 C Curl Lashes-Mixed 6mm-13mm
1 Tray .15 C Curl Lashes-Mixed 6mm-13mm
1 Tray .18 B Curl Lashes-Mixed 9mm-13mm
1 Tray .18 B Curl Lashes-Mixed 9mm-13mm
1 Tray .20 J Curl Lashes-15mm
1 Tray .10 C Curl Pre-Made Volume-Mixed 8mm-12mm
1 Primer
1 Gel Remover
1 Sensitive Glue
1 Advanced Glue
1 Master Glue
6 Sheets Jade Stone Glue Rounds
1 U Shape Strip Lash Slide
3 Sheet Practice Patches
1 Cleanser
1 Cleansing Brush
50 Mascara Wands
1 Black Sealant
3 Strip Lashes-Epic Wisp, Epic Volume, Epic Glam
1 Kit Box


For every purchase, the KLASS ACT Foundation will donate an additional item to an organization which sponsors women in need who would appreciate the opportunity to experience a luxury product. We believe, at the heart of our business, that charitable giving extends beyond monetary donations. We have chosen to spread love through KLASS ACT by gifting products to charities that empower women who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse, serious illness, and poverty.


“To share God’s love through KLASS ACT to create joy for those in need and enhance beauty by providing quality, healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetic and skin care products.”​

KLASS Cosmetics Peta Certified

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